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To Whom It May Concern:
The rattle of a bag of Freddy’s Finest Treats immediately summons Honeybun, my 5 year old Pomeranian. It’s her favorite treat!
Recently we had two visiting dogs that were each given one of Freddy’s Treats. They immediately gulped them down.
When my pom Honeybun received a second treat her behavior completely startled us. Instead of eating it, she clinched it between her teeth and began racing from room to room obviously searching for a safe place to hide the treasure. Apparently unsuccessful locating a secure hiding spot she returned to me still clutching Freddy’s Finest Treat between her teeth.
Again Honeybun’s behavior surprised us. She bent down, stretching her front paws, which were now holding the treat in front of her. Her tail wagging rear end remained in the air. Then she slowly enjoyed her tasty treat.
There’s no doubt in my mind from a consumer’s (dog’s) standpoint Freddy’s Finest Treats is a winning product. As an animal lover and owner, I’m so grateful to find that all the ingredients are completely healthy and that they are made here in the USA.
I congratulate Federico Monge on this superior product which I expect to have extensive marketing approval.
J. Carol W.

From: Terry C via Email

Fyi, my doggies love your "crackers!"
They go sniffing for them when they are in the pantry.
Favorite seems to be the peanut butter ones.
Way to go!

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Terry C.

From April T via Facebook
Love this! My dog loves them Recommended! Thank you for your treats. They're amazing! ? feeling perfect with Federico Monge.

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